Il nostro agriturismo

Il nostro agriturismo

mercoledì 3 aprile 2013

Welcome's time of sunshine!!

Walking around "Corte in poggio" agriturismo...
White daisy invasion...
View from the terrace



sabato 25 agosto 2012

Palio del Cerro, Cerreto Guidi

The Palio del Cerro is a contest that takes place between the four contrade (quarters) of Cerreto Guidi, and in the past is known to have been held on the first Sunday of September during the Feast of Santa Liberata. The teams compete in a tug of war; a race on trappoli (small brick-shaped wooden blocks); a race in barrels (bigonce), a hoop-throwing competition, for women and girls only; and a cross-bow contest. The Palio del Cerro is now held some time around the end of August and the beginning of September, and involves the entire community, who gather in the large square in front of the large staircase or rampe leading up to the Villa Medicea.
Information: tel. 057155671.

Download guides and maps

A useful page where you can find guides and maps of Florenze and the province.

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Aperitif at the Uffizi and at the Bargello, Florence

A tour of the area of the New Uffizi and an aperitif in the terrace of the Loggia de' Lanzi is the newest way of enjoying art in Florence.
Every Thursday evening until end of September (closen in August).
301d-mp_firenze_piazza_della_signoria_loggia_dei_lanzi Aperitivo ad arte, this is the name of the event which takes place in two different, woth a visit museums of Florence: the Uffizi Gallery and the Bargello Museum.
You are offered a good drink and a buffet aperitif on the panoramic terrace above the Loggia de Lanzi. Enclosed a visit without guide of the new exhibition rooms at the Uffizi Gallery, with paintings of Flemish, German, Spanish and French artists.
The ticket costs € 12 you should book in advance 055 294883 or 800 422500
Entrance from the Eastern entrance (behind Loggia dei Lanzi)
Or you go to the Bargello Museum, visit the Michelangelo's Hall an the exhibition Tabulae Pictae, and get your drink every Tuesday, starting from August 1 until October. Aperitif at 7pm. Reservation required, € 12. Ph. 055 294883


lunedì 2 luglio 2012

Sagra del papero e del cinghiale, a Cerreto Guidi

Dal 28 giugno al 15 luglio 2012 a Cerreto Guidi: Sagra del Papero e del Cinghiale

antipasto toscano, antipasto con collo di papero e cipolle di papero, primi piatti a base di papero e cinghiale, secondi piatti a base di papero, cinghiale oppure bistecche alla brace, cantuccini e vin santo e infine buon vino delle colline cerretesi.

Per maggiori info:

Contatti organizzatori:

Circolo ARCI di Cerreto Guidi
Via Roma, 2 - 50050 - Cerreto Guidi (Firenze)
Telefono: 0571 55085 - 335 6229151